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    Enabling DHCP Relay

    You use the set dhcp relay command to create and enable DHCP relay in the current virtual router.

    • Include the IP address variable to enable DHCP relay and BOOTP relay and to specify an IP address for the DHCP server. When you include the IP address of a DHCP server, the router adds the IP address to the list of DHCP servers (up to five) and forwards all request packets to all configured servers.

      Issuing this command also enables relay of BOOTP requests to the configured DHCP servers. If one of the DHCP servers is also a BOOTP server and responds, the router relays the response to the request originator.

      host1(config)#set dhcp relay
    • Use this command without an IP address to create the DHCP relay independent of any DHCP servers. Use this version of the command when configuring support for DHCP vendor-option strings (option 60). For information about configuring option 60 support, see Using Option 60 Strings to Forward Client Traffic to Specific DHCP Servers.
      host1(config)#set dhcp relay
    • Use the no version with an IP address to remove the specified DHCP server:
      host1(config)#no set dhcp relay

    Published: 2014-08-20