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    Removing Access Routes from Routing Tables and NVS

    You can remove existing access routes for an interface from routing tables and nonvolatile storage (NVS).

    This command removes all installed host routes from IP and deletes host routes from mirrored storage and NVS for specified interfaces. In relay proxy mode, this command enforces consistent state of the route and client database and discards all client information for specified interfaces.

    Because DHCP relay cannot distinguish between temporary dynamic interface deletions—where the interface is subsequently re-created—and permanent deletions, sometimes it retains routing information for dynamic interfaces that have already been deleted. You can use the unknown keyword with the dhcp relay discard access-routes command to remove the routing information for these interfaces.

    • To remove access routes:
      host1(config)#set dhcp relay discard-access-routes

      Note: When this feature is configured, the client bypasses the DHCP relay component and communicates directly with the DHCP server to request address renewal or to release the address. The DHCP relay component has no role in determining when or whether to remove the installed host route.

    Published: 2014-08-20