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    Configuring Login Conditions

    You can issue the dsr-detect command to configure the system so that a DSR signal is required to log in to the console. If a session is in progress and the DSR signal is lost, the user is logged out automatically.

    DSR is carried on pin 6 of the SRP module’s RS-232 (DB-9) connector. The DSR input must be connected to the DSR output of a modem or the DTR output of another data terminal device, such as a terminal server, that supports this signal.

    To configure the DSR requirement:

    • Configure the system so that a DSR signal be detected on the line for a user to log in to the console. By default, DSR is not required and DSR detection is disabled.
      host1(config)#line console 0 host1(config-line)#dsr-detect

      Use the no version to remove the DSR requirement for login.


    Published: 2014-08-12