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    Configuring a Schema for Collecting Bulk Statistics

    You can set a management schema for bulk statistics. A schema is a group of attributes or counters that provide an efficient way to retrieve specific types of information about the router.

    To configure a schema for collecting bulk statistics on an interface:

    1. Configure a bulk statistics schema. For more information about creating a schema, see Creating a Schema for Collecting Bulk Statistics
      host 1(config)#bulkstats schema 11
    2. Assign a collector to the schema. The collector determines when the queue information is exported for the schema. For information about configuring collectors, see Configuring Collectors and Receivers.
      host1(config)#bulkstats schema 11 collector 11
    3. Specify the management schema to collect bulk statistics. In this particular example, the QoS schema is configured to collect bulk statistics. For more information about configuring QoS schema, see Configuring a Schema for Retrieving QoS Statistics.
      host1(config)#bulkstats schema 11 subtree qos
    4. Specify the type of interface on which you want to collect the statistics.
      host1(config)#bulkstats interface-type atm1483 collector 11
    5. Configure a receiver to receive the collected statistics. For information about configuring receivers, see Configuring Collectors and Receivers.
      host1(config)#bulkstats receiver 11 remote-name qos.sts

    Published: 2014-08-12