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    Configuring a Local Address Server

    You can create, modify, and delete address pools. You can display address pool information or status with the show ip local pool command. The following are examples of tasks you can configure:

    • Specify an addressing scheme.
      host1(config)#ip address-pool local
    • Map an address pool name to a range of local addresses. You can also use this command to add additional ranges to a pool.
      host1(config)#ip local pool addrpool_10
    • Map a primary local address pool name to a domain name.
      host1(config)#aaa domain-map host1(config-domain-map)#address-pool-name poolA
    • (Optional) Map a backup address pool to a domain name, which is used for address allocation if the primary local address pool is fully allocated.
      host1(config)#aaa domain-map host1(config-domain-map)#backup-address-pool-name backup_poolB
    • (Optional) Map the domain name to the IPv6 local address pool, which is used for prefix delegation. If the authentication server returns the prefix pool name in the Framed-Ipv6-Pool attribute of the RADIUS-Accept-Request message, this value overrides the IPv6 local pool configured using the ipv6-prefix-pool-name command.
      host1(config)#aaa domain-map host1(config-domain-map)#ipv6-prefix-pool-name local_addr_pool
    • Delete an address pool.
      host1(config)#no ip local pool addrpool_10

      Note: If a pool or range is deleted and addresses are outstanding, the AAA server logs out the clients using the addresses.

    • Create a shared local address pool.
      host1(config)#ip local shared-pool Shared_LAS_Pool_A DHCP_Pool_1
    • Delete a shared local address pool.
      host1(config)#no ip local shared-pool Shared_LAS_Pool_C
    • Set SNMP variables by specifying an existing pool name and values.
      host1(config)#ip local pool addrpool_10 warning 90 80

    Published: 2014-08-20