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    Operating system (including image loader)




    Fatal software error notification (assertions, panics, exceptions); panic timer expiration; ECC memory errors


    System halt; NVS reverting to factory defaults; Corruption Detected/Duplicate Entries Found in the file


    File system errors; image checksum failure; POST test failure; unexpected software error; scheduled reload cancelled due to ongoing NVS flush; image not found or invalid; core dump host connect failure; SRP synchronization failure notification; I/O module mismatch or missing; NVS configuration errors

    Warning Log

    OsTask client failed to initialize; file system capacity low (15%); heap utilization high (85%); crash dump save failure; unknown reset type; image loader failures (will retry); boot ROM programming failure; hardware upgrade necessary notification; NVS config file read or write errors; release file invalid

    Notice Log

    OsAppRegistrar client names; OsAppRegistrar state change; version display; last reset type; file system condition abatement; POST start or done; NVS config file initialized or converted; scheduled reload notification; heap utilization abatement (75%); file system release file copy notification; erasing boot ROM notification; core dump notification and status; NVS config boot status (factory defaults, running, file)


    Image loader request; image loader success; SC-srpIc mailbox client up; POST test passed; NVS config cache enable, disable, flush, or termination; release path notification; diag-level diagnostic feature is also applicable to standby SRP


    High-frequency debug messages (enabled with various build defines); cached file hit, miss, or close; image loader frame retry; NVS config cache flush status



    Published: 2014-08-14