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    MLPPP Fragmentation and Reassembly Configuration Parameters

    The parameters for MLPPP fragmentation and reassembly are configured on a per-link basis for each link interface (also known as a member link) in an MLPPP bundle.

    By default, fragmentation and reassembly are disabled for MLPPP links. You can enable or disable fragmentation and reassembly for an individual link, or for all member links in a bundle, by using the ppp fragmentation and ppp reassembly commands. However, you must configure the same fragmentation setting and the same reassembly setting—enabled or disabled—for all member links in a bundle.

    When you use the ppp fragmentation command to enable fragmentation on a link, you can optionally specify the maximum fragment size to be used on the link interface. When you use the ppp reassembly command to enable reassembly on a link, you can optionally specify the administrative multilink maximum received reconstructed unit (MRRU) value for the link.

    Published: 2014-08-14