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    undebug ip mbgp


    undebug ip mbgp [ in | out ] [ peerAddress [ peerAddressMask ] ]
    [ bgpLog ] [ router routerName ] [ filtering-router filteringRouterName ]
    [ accessClassName ] [ route-map mapName ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Turns off the display of information previously enabled with the debug ip mbgp command. There is no no version.


    • in—Displays information for inbound events
    • out—Displays information for outbound events
    • peerAddress—IP address of BGP peer for which information is displayed
    • peerAddressMask—Network mask of BGP peer for which information is displayed
    • bgpLog—BGP log of interest; one of the following options:
      • dampening—BGP dampening event; route is suppressed or no longer suppressed by route-flap dampening
      • events—BGP finite state machine events and transitions
      • keepalives—BGP keepalive message events
      • next-hops—BGP next hop events
      • updates—BGP routing table update events
    • routerName—Name of the virtual router that owns the BGP router for which information is being displayed
    • filteringRouterName—Name of the virtual router that owns the access class and route map parameters
    • accessClassName—Name of an access list to filter output
    • mapName—Name of a route map to filter output


    Privileged Exec

    Published: 2014-08-18