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    suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol low-threshold


    suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol protocolValue
    low-threshold lowThresholdValue

    no suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol protocolValue low-threshold

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.3.0.


    Sets the low threshold rate at which a suspicious flow becomes no longer suspicious for a specific protocol. The no version restores the default for a protocol, which is a protocol-dependent non-zero numeric value.


    • protocolValue—Name of the protocol. For details about the values that are displayed for this attribute in the CLI interface, see the Protocol Mapping section in Understanding DoS Protection. The following names of protocols apply to the protocolValue variable that is available with this command, in addition to the list of protocol names that are described in the Protocol Mapping section.
      • EthernetFcBasedPppTerminate—Ethernet forwarding controller-based PPP Fast Reconnect
      • EthernetOam—Ethernet OAM packet
      • IpFastBfd—IP fast BFD
      • IpLocalFastBfd—IP local fast BFD
      • IpRouteNull0Interface—IP route to null 0 interface
    • lowThresholdValue—Threshold value in packets per second; 0 or a number in the range 1–32767; a value of zero means that a suspicious flow cannot change to the nonsuspicious state via a threshold; a flow can only become nonsuspicious via a backoff time; if the low threshold value is zero and the backoff time is zero, the flow can only be considered nonsuspicious if the rate (in packets per second) goes to zero


    Global Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18