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    show subscribers


    To display detailed information:

    show subscribers [ ipv6 [ ipv6Prefix ] ]
    [ domain domainName | icr-partition icrPartitionLocationId |
    interface { atm | ethernet | lag } interfaceSpecifier |
    port interfaceSpecifier | profile profileName | slot slotNumber | username userName |
    virtual-router vrName ] [ filter ]

    To display summary information:

    show subscribers summary [ domain | icr-partition | interface | port | profile | slot | virtual-router | lag ] [ filter ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
    interface, atm, and ethernet keywords added in JunosE Release 7.3.0.
    slot keyword and slotNumber variable added in JunosE Release 7.3.0.
    icr-partition keyword and icrPartitionLocationId variable added in JunosE Release 10.3.0.
    lag keyword added to the show subscribers command in JunosE Release 11.0.0.
    lag keyword added to the show subscribers summary command in JunosE Release 12.3.0.

    profile keyword and profileName variable added in JunosE Release 13.3.0.


    Displays active subscribers on your router.


    • ipv6—Displays IPv6 subscribers for the domain
    • ipv6Prefix—Prefix that defines the IPv6 network that you want to filter
    • userName—Username of the active subscriber

      Note: You must specify the complete username with the domain name (if available) regardless of the status of the strip domain feature on a virtual router or AAA domain map.

    • domain—Displays active subscribers for the domain
    • domainName—Domain name matching usernames of active subscribers
    • icr-partition—Displays active subscribers for the ICR partition
    • icrPartitionLocationId—Unique identifier for each ICR partition on a chassis. Note that this ID is different from the partition ID, which is configured using the ip vrrp vrid icr-partition partitionId command. The partition location ID that you specify here is a combination of the interface within the chassis on which the ICR partition is configured and the VRRP ID, which is system-defined and nonconfigurable.
    • interface—Displays active subscribers for the specified interface: atm, ethernet, or lag. In the summary version, this command displays active subscribers for all ATM, Ethernet, and LAG interfaces.
    • interfaceSpecifier—Particular interface. The format varies according to the interface type; see Interface Types and Specifiers.
    • port—Displays active subscribers for the port
    • profile—Displays subscribers based on profile name
    • profileName—Displays subscribers that share the same profile name
    • slot—Displays active subscribers for the slot
    • slotNumber—Number of the chassis slot of the line module in the range 0–2 (ERX310 model), 0–6 (ERX7xx models), 0–13 (ERX14xx models), 0-5 (E120 router), and 0-16 (E320 router)
    • virtual-router—Displays active subscribers for the virtual router
    • vrName—Name of the virtual router to which interfaces of active subscribers are bound
    • lag—Displays the consolidated information about active subscribers that are logged in on top of a LAG bundle
    • filter—Filters the output. For more information, see Filtering show Commands.
    • summary—Displays the active subscribers for each domain, interface, port, slot, or virtual router


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    Published: 2014-08-20