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    show controllers sonet


    show controllers sonet { [ brief ] | interfaceSpecifier [ :controllerSpecifier ]
    { [ configuration ] | layerType [ interval | total [ delta ] ] |
    controllerType [ interval ] | all [ total [ delta ] ] } } [ filter ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Displays the statistics or the configuration for the different layers of channelized SONET and SDH interfaces.


    • brief—Displays a summary of information about all controllers
    • interfaceSpecifier—Particular interface; format varies according to interface type; see Interface Types and Specifiers
    • controllerSpecifier—One of the following:
      • For a section or line, there is no controllerSpecifier
      • For a path, the number of the path
      • For a tributary, specified in the format
        pathChannel [ /pathPayload ] [ /tributaryGroup ] [ /tributaryNumber ]
      • For an E1 or a DS1 controller, specified in the format
        pathChannel [ /pathPayload ] [ /tributaryGroup ] [ /tributaryNumber ]
        [ /channelGroup ]
      • For a DS3 controller, specified in the format
        pathChannel ds3-channel-number [ ds1-channel-number ]
        [ subchannelNumber ]
        • pathChannel—Number of the path
        • pathPayload—Number of the payload within the path. In SONET mode, pathPayload is always 1. In SDH mode, pathPayload is the number of the TUG-3 group.
        • tributaryGroup—Number of the tributary group within the path. In SONET mode, tributary group is the number of the VT group. In SDH mode, tributary group is the number of the TUG-2 group.
        • tributaryNumber—Number of the tributary within the group. In SONET mode, tributaryNumber is the number of the VT. In SDH mode, tributaryNumber is the number of the TUG-1 group or tributary unit.
        • channelGroup—Number of the channel group
        • ds3-channel-number—Number of the ds3 channel
        • ds1-channel-number—Number of the ds1 channel in the range 1–28
        • subchannelNumber—Number of the subchannel in the range 1–24
    • configuration—Displays the configuration of each controller at the specified level and above
    • layerType—Type of SONET/SDH layer
      • section—Section layer of an interface
      • line—Line layer of an interface
      • path—SONET or SDH path
    • interval—Number of 15-minute intervals over which the router monitors information; a value in the range 1–96; default value is the current interval, number 1
    • controllerType—Type of interface or channel
      • tributary—SONET or SDH virtual tributary
      • e1—E1 channel over SDH virtual tributary
      • ds1—T1 channel over SONET/SDH virtual tributary
      • ds3—T3 over channelized SONET interface
      • t1—T1 channel on T3 over channelized SONET interface
    • total—Displays the MIB statistics for all intervals
    • delta—Displays baselined statistics for all intervals
    • all—Shows statistics for all time intervals, rather than statistics for selected time intervals
    • filter—See Filtering show Commands


    Privileged Exec, User Exec

    Published: 2014-08-18