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    show atm vc atm


    show atm vc { description | atm interfaceSpecifier { vcd | vpi-vci vpi vci } } [ delta ] [ filter ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Displays OAM statistics on a VC. You can specify the circuit to display by entering the VCD, or by using the vpi-vci keyword and specifying the VPI and VCI. You can also specify the circuit to display by entering the description configured for the ATM 1483 subinterface on which the VC resides.


    • description—Text string or alias assigned to the ATM 1483 subinterface (with the atm atm1483 description command) on which the VC resides; up to 255 characters
    • interfaceSpecifier—Particular interface; format varies according to interface type; see Interface Types and Specifiers
    • vcd—VCD identifying the VC
    • vpi—Virtual path identifier
    • vci—Virtual circuit identifier
    • delta—Displays baselined statistics
    • filter—See Filtering show Commands


    Privileged Exec, User Exec

    Published: 2014-08-18