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    set dhcp vendor-option


    To set the default action to take when the option 60 string does not match a configured vendor-option string:

    [ no ] set dhcp vendor-option default [ drop | local-server | proxy-client |
    relay address | relay-server-list ]

    To set the action to take when the option 60 string matches a configured vendor-option string:

    [ no ] set dhcp vendor-option { equals | starts-with } string [ local-server | relay address ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 8.2.0.


    Configures vendor-option strings that control DHCP client traffic. Creates DHCP vendor-option servers by configuring DHCP relay to match DHCP option 60 strings and to specify the action the router takes when it receives DHCP option 60 strings. The no version disables the setting.


    • drop—Discards packets
    • local-server—Forwards packets to the DHCP local server
    • proxy-client—Forwards packets to the DHCP proxy client server
    • address—IP address of the vendor-option server to which packets are forwarded
    • relay-server-list—Forwards packets to all non-vendor option DHCP servers. The relay-server-list consists of all non-vendor option servers. Non-vendor option servers are those servers that are configured with the set dhcp relay command but not with the set dhcp vendor-option command.
    • equals—Configures a string that must be matched exactly for option 60 processing
    • starts-with—Configures the string that is matched from left-to-right for option 60 processing
    • string—Option 60 string to match; up to 254 hexadecimal characters


    Global Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-20