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    set dampening


    set dampening halfLife reuse suppress maxSuppressTime [ halfLifeUnreachable ]

    no set dampening

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Enables route flap dampening and optionally specifies dampening parameters for routes passing through the route map. The no version removes the set clause from a route map.


    • halfLife—Half-life period in minutes, in the range 1–45; default value is 10. When a BGP route has been assigned a penalty, the penalty is decreased by half after each half-life period. Each time a route flaps, the router configured for route flap dampening assigns the route a penalty. Penalties are cumulative. BGP stores the penalty for all reachable and unreachable routes that have experienced recent flaps.
    • reuse—Reuse limit in the range 1–20000; default value is 750. As the penalty for a flapping route decreases and falls below this reuse limit, the route is unsuppressed. That is, the route is added back to the BGP table and used for forwarding.
    • suppress—Suppress limit in the range 1–20000; default value is 2000; a route is suppressed when its penalty exceeds this limit
    • maxSuppressTime—Maximum suppression time in minutes, in the range 1–255; default value is 60; maximum amount of time a route can be suppressed
    • halfLifeUnreachable—Alternate half-life period in minutes for unreachable routes; a number in the range 1–45; default value is 20. If you do not specify this value, the router uses the same half-life period for both reachable and unreachable routes.


    Route Map Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18