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    service { empty-service-name action actionValue | serviceName [ action actionValue ] | unknown-service-name action actionValue }

    no service { empty-service-name | serviceName | unknown-service-name }

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.

    unknown-service-name keyword added in JunosE Release 10.1.0.


    Enables you to configure entries for the PPPoE service name table. PPPoE clients use the entries in a PPPoE service name table to request that an AC, such as an E Series router, support certain services. You can add three types of entries to a PPPoE service name table: an empty service name, a custom service name (serviceName), and an unknown service name. For empty service name and unknown service name entries, use the action keyword to specify that the AC either drop or terminate all PADI requests from the PPPoE client. For custom entries, the action keyword is optional. The default action for a custom entry is terminate. The no version removes the specified service entry from the PPPoE service name table.


    • empty-service-name—Specifies an empty service name entry of zero length, indicating that any service is acceptable.
    • actionValue—One of the following actions for the empty service name entry, custom service name entry, or the unknown service name entry:
      • drop—Directs the AC to ignore all PADI requests and not respond with a PPPoE Active Discovery Offer (PADO) packet
      • terminate—Directs the AC to respond to a PADI request by sending a PADO packet; this is the default action
    • serviceName—Name of a nonempty service name entry that specifies a custom value, such as an ISP name or class of service; string of up to 31 alphanumeric characters
    • unknown-service-name—Specifies a service that has not been configured in the service name table. The default action for this service depends on the service name table configuration. If all the services in the table are configured to drop, the default action for the unknown service name entry is terminate. If all the services are configured to terminate, the default action for the unknown service name entry is drop. If both terminate and drop are configured, all unknown service name entries are dropped by default.


    PPPoE Service Name Table Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18