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    rtr schedule life


    rtr schedule rtrIndex life lifeValue

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Specifies the length of the RTR probe. There is no no version.


    • rtrIndex—Number of the operation to be configured, in the range 1–4294967295; no default
    • lifeValue—Number of operations or maximum TTL in the range 1–2147483647; value that depends on the type of the RTR entry
      • If the type of the RTR entry is echo, lifeValue relates to the number of operations sent until a test finishes. The default value is 90. If you use 60 operations * 60 seconds, the frequency between each operation that a test completes is 3,600 seconds (one hour).
      • If the type of the RTR entry is pathEcho, lifeValue relates to the maximum number of hops used by the traceRoute trap. The default value is 30. If you use 30 (as the maximum hops) * 3 (operations per hop) * 60 seconds frequency between each operation, a test is completed within 3,600 seconds. If a destination is reached in fewer than 30 hops, the test is completed earlier.


    Global Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18