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    To create or modify a rate-limit profile:

    [ no ] profileType rate-limit-profile profileName [ rateLimitType ]

    To specify a rate-limit profile in a policy in classifier-group mode:

    [ no ] [ suspend ] rate-limit-profile profileName

    To create a hierarchical rate-limit profile:

    [ no ] rate-limit-profile profileName [ two-rate | one-rate ] hierarchical

    To specify a rate-limit for an external parent group:

    rate-limit-profile profileName

    no rate-limit-profile

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
    hierarchical keyword added in JunosE Release 7.2.0.
    Parent Group Configuration mode added in JunosE Release 8.0.0.


    From Global Configuration mode, creates a rate-limit profile and enters Rate Limit Profile Configuration mode. The no version deletes the rate-limit profile.

    From Classifier Group Configuration mode, creates a rate-limit profile rule in a policy list. The no version removes a rate-limit profile from a policy list; the suspend version suspends the rule; the no suspend resumes a suspended rule.

    Note: The Classifier Group Configuration mode version of the rate-limit-profile command replaces the Policy List Configuration mode version, which may be removed completely in a future release.

    From Parent Group Configuration mode, creates a parent group in a hierarchy.

    The hierarchical keyword creates a hierarchical rate limit. The no version removes a hierarchical rate-limit profile.


    • profileType—ip, ipv6, l2tp, or mpls; for backward compatibility, if you do not specify a profile type, the router creates an IP profile
    • profileName—Name of the rate-limit profile
    • rateLimitType—One-rate or two-rate


    Classifier Group Configuration, Global Configuration, Parent Group Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18