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    ppp multilink multiclass fragmentation


    [ no ] ppp multilink multiclass fragmentation [ trafficClassName ]*

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 11.1.0.


    Enables fragmentation on a specified multilink class. The fragment size of each class is the same as that of the MLPPP link. The no version disables fragmentation on all multilink classes, or on the specified multilink classes if you include one or more traffic class names.


    • trafficClassName—Name of a QoS traffic class. You can enable fragmentation for up to eight traffic classes. You must specify the best-effort traffic class in the command or the command fails.
    • *—Indicates that one or more parameters can be repeated multiple times in a list in the command line


    Interface Configuration, Profile Configuration, Subinterface Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18