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    path ds1|e1 clock source


    path pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } tributaryIdentifier clock source
    { line | internal { module | chassis } }

    no path pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } tributaryIdentifier clock source

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Configures the transmit clock source for DS1 or E1 channels over channelized SONET and SDH interfaces. The no version restores the default value.


    • pathChannel—Number, in the range 1–2147483648, that identifies the path
    • tributaryIdentifier—Specifier for the tributary in the format
      pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } pathPayload/tributaryGroup/tributaryNumber
      • pathPayload—Payload number for the path; value is 1 for SONET and in the range 1–3 for SDH
      • tributaryGroup—Number, in the range 1–7, that identifies the group within the path
      • tributaryNumber—Number of the tributary within the tributary group; the value is in the range 1–4 if the tributary type is vt15 or tu11 and in the range 1–3 if the tributary type is tu12
    • line—Interface transmits data from a clock recovered from the line’s receive data stream.
    • internal—Interface transmits data using its internal clock. You must specify one of the following for internal clocking:
      • module—Internal clock is from the line module itself
      • chassis—Internal clock is from the configured system clock


    Controller Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18