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    path ds1|e1 channel-group timeslots


    path pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } tributaryIdentifier
    channel-group channelGroupNumber timeslots range [ speed { 56 | 64 } ]

    no pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } tributaryIdentifier channel-group channelGroupNumber

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Configures DS1 or E1 line parameters on channelized SONET and SDH interfaces. To configure a line, you specify a DS1 or an E1 channel group number and assign a range of timeslots. To configure a whole DS1 or E1 line, assign all the timeslots to the channel group. You can specify a line speed that applies to all DS0 timeslots assigned to a channel group. The no version removes the timeslots from the channel group.


    • pathChannel—Number, in the range 1–2147483648, that identifies the path
    • tributaryIdentifier—Specifier for the tributary in the format
      pathChannel { ds1 | e1 } pathPayload/tributaryGroup/tributaryNumber
      • pathPayload—Payload number for the path; value is 1 for SONET and in the range 1–3 for SDH
      • tributaryGroup—Number, in the range 1–7, that identifies the group within the path
      • tributaryNumber—Number of the tributary within the tributary group; the value is in the range 1–4 if the tributary type is vt15 or tu11 and in the range 1–3 if the tributary type is tu12
    • channelGroupNumber—Either a fractional T1 interface in the range 1–24 or a fractional E1 interface in the range 1–31
    • range—Timeslot assigned to the T1 or E1 channel in the range 1–31. A dash represents a range of timeslots, and a comma separates timeslots. For example, 1-10, 15-18 assigns timeslots 1–10 and 15 –18.
    • speed—Specifies the data rate for the T1 or E1 channel, either 56 Kbps or 64 Kbps; default value is 64 Kbps


    Controller Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18