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    For ANCP:

    [ no ] neighbor neighborName

    For OSPF:

    neighbor ipAddressOspf [ pollinterval seconds | priority number ]

    no neighbor ipAddressOspf [ pollinterval | priority ]

    For RIP:

    [ no ] neighbor ipAddressRip

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    For ANCP, creates an ANCP neighbor and accesses the L2C Neighbor Configuration (config-l2c-neighbor) mode. For OSPF, configures OSPF neighbors on an NBMA network. For RIP, specifies a RIP neighbor to which the router sends unicast messages. The no version removes the specified neighbor configuration or, by omitting the neighbor name, all ANCP neighbor configurations (ANCP), removes the neighbor (OSPF and RIP), or restores the default values (OSPF).


    • neighborName—Name of the ANCP neighbor
    • ipAddressOspf—IP address of the neighbor’s interface; this interface must itself be configured for the NBMA network type
    • number—Router priority value of the neighbor in the range 1–4294967295; default value is 0
    • seconds—Interval in seconds at which the neighbor is polled; should be much larger than the hello interval (per RFC 1247); in the range 0–255; default value is 120
    • ipAddressRip—IP address of the neighbor’s interface; this interface must be defined as a passive interface with the passive-interface command


    Address Family Configuration (RIP), Router Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-18