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    l2vpn site-name site-id


    [ no ] l2vpn l2VpnName site-name siteName site-id siteId
    [ multi-homed priority priority ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 8.1.0.
    multi-homed priority keywords and priority variable added in JunosE Release 9.3.0.


    Configures a name and a unique site identifier for a customer site that belongs to the specified VPWS instance. Optionally configures the site to be multihomed. In a VPWS configuration, each customer site is represented by one or more customer edge (CE) devices located at the edge of the customer’s network. The no version removes the site name and site identifier from the VPWS instance, or removes the multihomed configuration for the customer site and returns it to a single-homed state.


    • l2VpnName—Name of the VPWS instance
    • siteName—Name of the site; string of up to 128 alphanumeric characters
    • siteId—Numerical identifier for the site, in the range 1–65535; must be unique across the VPWS domain
    • priority—Number that sets the priority of this VPWS instance for a multi-homed site, in the range 1–65535; priority is sent in BGP advertisements as the Local-Preference attribute and determines whether the router hosting the VPWS instance becomes the designated VE router for this multihomed site


    Global Configuration


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    Published: 2014-08-14