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    key-string keyStringData

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Manually configures a 1024-bit or 2048-bit ISAKMP/IKE public key that a remote peer uses for RSA authentication without the need for a digital certificate. The key string represents the public key hexadecimal data that includes the ASN.1 object identifier and sequence tags for RSA encryption. There is no no version. To remove a peer public key from the router, use the no version of the ipsec key pubkey-chain rsa command.


    • keyStringData—Alphanumeric string with a maximum length of 1999 characters; delimited by the first character of the string, which must be repeated at the end of the string and must not occur anywhere else in the string


    IPsec Peer Public Key Configuration


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    Published: 2014-08-14