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    ip vrrp icr-partition


    [ no ] ip vrrp vrid icr-partition partitionId

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 10.3.0.


    Creates an ICR partition that corresponds to the VRRP instance. The state of the ICR partition depends on the state of the VRRP instance. If the VRRP instance is disabled, the ICR partition is in the dormant state. If the VRRP instance is enabled, the ICR partition follows the state of the VRRP instance. The no version deletes the partition from the router.


    • vrid—VRID identifier; a number in the range 1–255
    • partitionId—Name that identifies the ICR partition; a string of up to 128 alphanumeric characters

      Note: Use the ICR-Partition-Id VSA to determine the ICR partition on which subscribers are logged in. You can configure the same ICR-Partition-Id string for an active ICR partition and its corresponding backup partition. For more information on ICR-Partition-ID VSA, see Interaction with RADIUS for ICR.


    Interface Configuration, Subinterface Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14