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    ip vrrp icr-partition vlan-list


    ip vrrp vrid icr-partition vlan-list [ vlanIdValue ] *
    [ use-default-mac ] [ control-interface ] [ advertise-mac ]

    no ip vrrp vrid icr-partition vlan-list [ vlanIdValue ] *

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 10.3.0.


    Adds a VLAN to the ICR partition. You can assign only unique VLANs to the partition. If you attempt to assign a previously assigned VLAN to the ICR partition, the router displays an error message. You can assign VLANs only if you have selected VLAN based grouping by using the ip vrrp icr-partition group command. The no version deletes the VLAN from the ICR partition.

    Note: You can use the listed optional parameters only when you add a VLAN to the ICR partition. You cannot modify an existing subinterface using these parameters. You can specify the optional parameters in any order.


    • vrid—VRID identifier; a number in the range 1–255
    • vlanIdValue—VLAN identifier; a number in the range 0–4095
    • use-default-mac—Configures the VLAN to use the default MAC address. By default, the router assigns the VRRP media access control (MAC) address to all subinterfaces of the ICR partition.
    • control-interface—Controls traffic on a subinterface that is part of a backup partition. When you use this option, the router changes the state of the corresponding subinterface to Admindown. When the subinterface is in Admindown state, the router blocks all traffic to the interface. However, the router does not block advertisements as long as VRRP is running on a separate subinterface. The router changes the state of the subinterface from Admindown to Up when the state of the partition changes from backup to master.
    • advertise-mac—Enables the subinterface to transmit GARP advertisements when the partition moves from backup state to master state. By default, GARP advertisements are blocked on subinterfaces.


    Interface Configuration, Subinterface Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14