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    ip rpf-route


    ip rpf-route ipAddress addressMask
    { nextHopIpAddress | nextHopInterfaceType nextHopInterfaceSpecifier }
    [ distanceValue ] [ tag tagValue ]

    [ no ] ip rpf-route ipAddress addressMask

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Customizes static routes that the router can use to verify source addresses in multicast packets. The no version removes the static route.


    • ipAddress—IP address of the destination network
    • addressMask—Subnet mask for the destination network
    • nextHopIpAddress—IP address of the next hop
    • nextHopInterfaceType—Interface type; see Interface Types and Specifiers
    • nextHopInterfaceSpecifier—Particular interface; format varies according to interface type; see Interface Types and Specifiers
    • distanceValue—Number in the range 0–255 that indicates the preference for this route
    • tagValue—Number in the range 0–4294967295 that identifies the route in the routing table


    Global Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-20