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    ethernet oam lfm pdu-transmit-interval


    [ no ] ethernet oam lfm pdu-transmit-interval period [ mode { active | passive } | pdu-lost-threshold pduLostPackets ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced in JunosE Release 11.1.0.


    Configures the minimum rate at which OAM protocol data units (PDUs) are transmitted in milliseconds. Also, specifies the discovery mode of the OAM client and the number of OAM packet data units (PDUs) from the remote peer that an interface on the local client can miss before the link between the two entities is considered down. The no version removes the frequency values configured on the interface for transmission of OAM PDUs to the remote peer. The no version with the mode keyword deactivates link-fault management on the interface.


    • period—Interval at which OAM PDUs are sent from the local OAM entity to the remote peer to maintain the OAM association in an active state. Number in the range 100-1000 milliseconds; default value is 1000 milliseconds
    • mode—Configures the OAM client mode for the discovery process
    • active—Sets the discovery mode of the local OAM client as active. In active mode, the interface discovers and monitors the peer on the link if the peer also supports IEEE 802.3ah OAM functionality. This is the default discovery mode of the OAM client
    • passive—Sets the discovery mode of the local OAM client as passive. In passive mode, an OAM entity does not initiate the discovery process. You cannot perform link-fault management if you configure both the local client and the remote peer for passive mode operation
    • pduLostPackets—The window for which the local client waits to receive OAM packets from the remote peer before it generates a link fault event. Number of expected OAM packets from the remote peer that the local OAM client can miss before a link-fault event is triggered; a number in the range 3–10; default value is 5


    Interface Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14