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    clear bgp ipv6 dampening


    To clear IPv6-specific information for only the route-target address family:

    clear bgp ipv6 route-target signaling
    { dampening | flap-statistics } [ rtfPrefix | rtfAddress ]

    To clear IPv6-specific information for any case other than for the route-target address family:

    clear bgp ipv6 [ vrf vrfName ] [ unicast | multicast | vpnv6 ]
    { dampening | flap-statistics } [ ipv6Prefix ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
    route-target signaling keywords and rtMemNlri variable added in JunosE Release 8.2.0.
    rtMemNlri variable replaced by two variables, rtfAddress and rtfPrefix, in JunosE Release 9.1.0.


    Clears IPv6-specific BGP route flap dampening information and reinstates the suppressed routes. If the ipv6Prefix option is not used, clears the entire IPv6 BGP routing table. The dampening keyword and the flap-statistics keyword both have the same effect. There is no no version.


    • route-target signaling—Clears the route-target membership information
    • rtfPrefix—Prefix representing the route-target membership NLRI (RT-MEM-NLRI), in the format asNumber : extendedCommunity / prefixLength (for example, 320:320:524/36) where:
      • asNumber—AS number for origin of route target information, in the range 1–4294967295
      • extendedCommunity—Two-part number in the format number1:number2 that identifies an extended community of VPNs, in the format number1 : number2, where:
      • number1—Autonomous system (AS) number, in the range 1–4294967295, or an IP address
      • number2—Unique integer, in the range 1–4294967295; 32 bits if number1 is a 16-bit AS number; 16 bits if number1 is an IP address or a 32-bit AS number
      • prefixLength—Number that specifies the length of the route prefix, in the range 32–96
    • rtfAddressrtfPrefix with a prefix length of 96; representing the route-target membership NLRI (RT-MEM-NLRI), in the format asNumber: extendedCommunity (for example, 320:320:524 or 320:
    • vrfName—Name of a virtual routing and forwarding instance to clear
    • unicast—Clears the unicast routing table; the default option
    • multicastClears the multicast routing table
    • vpnv6Clears the VPNv6 unicast routing and forwarding table
    • ipv6Prefix—IPv6 network for which to clear dampening information


    Privileged Exec

    Published: 2014-08-14