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    bulkstats collector


    bulkstats collector collectorIndex
    [ collect-mode { auto-xfer | on-file-full | manual-xfer } | description descrip |
    interval intrvl | max-size maxSize | primary-receiver primRecvIndex |
    secondary-receiver secRecvIndex | single-interval ]

    no bulkstats collector collectorIndex [ collect-mode | description | interval | max-size
    |primary-receiver | secondary-receiver | single-interval ]*

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Creates and configures a collector of bulk statistical data to collect MIB-2 ifTable MIB objects. You can configure up to six collectors. The no version restores the default value for specified options; if no options are specified, the no version deletes the collector.


    • collectorIndex—Number in the range 1–65535 that identifies the particular data collector
    • collect-mode—Specifies one of the following collection modes:
      • auto-xfer—Agent automatically transfers file when interval expires
      • on-file-full—Agent automatically transfers file when it is full
      • manual-xfer—Router or user-initiated transfers; default collection mode
    • descrip—Descriptive information to insert into the bulkstats file
    • intrvl—Time period in the range 300– 86400 seconds for which the collector transfers data from the router to the receivers; default interval is 360 seconds
    • maxSize—Maximum size of the file in the range 10240–20971520 bytes; default file size is 2,621,440 bytes
    • primRecvIndex—Number in the range 1–65535 that identifies the primary receiver to which the router transfers the data; by default the primary receiver is cleared
    • secRecvIndex—Number in the range 1–65535 that identifies the secondary (backup) receiver to which the router transfers the data; by default the secondary receiver is cleared
    • single-interval—Specifies that the collector retrieves the bulk statistics data only once; by default, the collector receives the data periodically
    • *—Indicates that one or more parameters can be repeated multiple times in a list in the command line


    Global Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14