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    bgp dampening


    [ no ] bgp dampening [ halfLife [ reuse suppress maxSuppressTime
    [ halfLifeUnreachable ] ] ] [ route-map mapTag ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Enables BGP route dampening. The router assesses a penalty of 1000 each time a route flaps and adds this to any previously accumulated penalty value. Penalties are cumulative. The no version disables route flap dampening.


    • halfLife—Half-life period in minutes in the range 1–45; default value is 15. When a BGP route has been assigned a penalty, the penalty is decreased by half after the half-life period.
    • reuse—Reuse limit in the range 1–20000; default value is 750. As the penalty for a flapping route decreases and falls below this reuse limit, the route is unsuppressed. That is, the route is added back to the BGP table and used for forwarding.
    • suppress—Suppress limit in the range 1–20000; default value is 2000. A route is suppressed when its penalty exceeds this limit.
    • maxSuppressTime—Maximum suppression time in minutes in the range 1–255. This value is the maximum amount of time a route can be suppressed. The default value is four times the half-life value.
    • halfLifeUnreachable—Alternate half-life period in minutes for unreachable routes; a number in the range 1–45. If this value is not specified, the same half-life period is used for both reachable and unreachable routes.
    • route-map—Specifies that dampening can be applied to routes according to the route map behavior. If the route map permits a route, the route is subject to dampening. If the route map denies a route, the route is not subject to dampening. The route map can contain a no dampening clause that determines dampening characteristics.
    • mapTag—Name of the route map; a string of up to 32 alphanumeric characters.


    Address Family Configuration, Router Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14