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    bert pattern pattern interval time [ unframed ]

    no bert

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Enables bit error rate tests using the specified pattern on T3 interfaces on channelized and unchannelized T3 modules. The no version stops the test that is running.

    Note: The BERT patterns supported can vary depending on the line module and I/O module assembly you are using.


    • pattern—One of the following test patterns:
      • 0s—Repetitive test pattern of all zeros, 00000...
      • 1s—Repetitive test pattern of all ones, 11111...
      • 2^9—Pseudorandom test pattern, 511 bits in length
      • 2^11—Pseudorandom test pattern, 2047 bits in length
      • 2^15—Pseudorandom test pattern, 32,767 bits in length
      • 2^20-O153—Pseudorandom test pattern, 1,048,575 bits in length
      • 2^20-QRSS—Pseudorandom QRSS test pattern, 1,048,575 bits in length
      • 2^23—Pseudorandom test pattern, 8,388,607 bits in length
      • alt-0-1—Repetitive alternating test pattern of zeros and ones, 01010101...
    • time—Duration of the test in the range 1–1440 minutes
    • unframed—(available for E1 and T1 interfaces only) if specified, the test bit pattern occupies all bits on the link, overwriting the framing bits; if not specified, the test bit pattern occupies only the payload bits


    Controller Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14