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    banner [ motd | login | exec ] bannerText

    no banner [ motd | login | exec ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


    Configures message-of-the-day, login, or exec banners to be displayed by the CLI. If you do not specify an option, the behavior is the same as if you specified the motd option. The no version deletes the banner.


    • motd—Displays the banner when a console or vty connection is initiated
    • login—Displays the banner before any user authentication (line or RADIUS authentication); the banner is also displayed if user authentication is not configured

      Note: You can configure MOTD or exec banners, but not login banners, for the CLI to display on a per-line basis.

    • exec—Displays the banner after user authentication (if any) and before the first prompt of a CLI session
    • bannerText—Alphanumeric string truncated at 1024 characters; delimited by the first character of the string, which must be repeated at the end of the string and must not occur anywhere else in the string

      The CLI prompts you if you fail to repeat the opening delimiter. All text following the second occurrence of the delimiter is ignored without warning. The delimiter is case sensitive.

      You can insert \n where you want the banner text to split and start a new line. Alternatively, you can press Enter on the CLI when you want the text to break. In the second case, you will be prompted for the remainder of the text after you press Enter. To display a backslash as part of the message, it must be immediately preceded by another backslash, like this: \\. Do not use a backslash as a delimiter or end a line with a backslash.

      To insert a ? character inside the text of a banner, you must enter Ctrl+v before entering the ? character. Failure to do so may produce undesired results.


    Global Configuration


    Published: 2014-08-14