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    area range


    For OSPFv2:

    [ no ] area { areaId | areaIdInt } range ipAddress mask [ do-not-advertise ]
    [ cost costValue ]

    For OSPFV3:

    [ no ] area { areaId | areaIdInt } range ipv6Prefix/ipv6PrefixLength
    [ do-not-advertise | advertise | cost costValue ]

    Release Information

    Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
    cost keyword and costValue variable for OSPFv2 added in JunosE Release 8.1.0.


    Aggregates routes at an area boundary. By default, the range of configured networks is advertised in type 3 (summary) LSAs. The no version disables this function.


    • areaId—OSPF area ID in IP address format
    • areaIdInt—OSPF area ID as a decimal value in the range 0–4294967295
    • ipAddress—IP address to match
    • mask—IP address mask
    • ipv6Prefix—IPv6 network number to match
    • ipv6PrefixLength—Length of the IPv6 prefix; a decimal value that indicates how many of the higher-order contiguous bits of the IPv6 address make up the prefix (the network portion of the IPv6 address). A slash (/) must precede this value.
    • do-not-advertise—Specifies that the range of configured networks is not advertised
    • advertise—Specifies that the range of configured networks is advertised (IPv6 only)
    • costValue—Cost value for the specified range of networks in the range 0–65535


    Router Configuration

    Published: 2014-08-14