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    Example: Exporting VPN Routes to Global BGP RIB Using Global Export Maps

    The global export map enables VPN routes to be automatically exported from the BGP RIB table in a VRF to the global BGP RIB table (the BGP RIB table of the parent VR) based on policy. A route map determines which routes are exported and which are not.

    When they are installed in the global IP routing table, these exported routes point to the IP interface in the VRF as shown in Figure 1. See Types of Maps Overview for more information.

    Figure 1: Global Export Map Applied to Routes Exported from VRF BGP RIB

    Global Export Map Applied to Routes Exported

    The following commands configure the route map and global export map:

    host1(config)#virtual-router pe1 host1:pe1(config)#access-list dot-one permit host1:pe1(config)#route-map globxmap1 host1:pe1(config-route-map)#match ip address dot-one host1:pe1(config-route-map)#set local-pref 200 host1:pe1(config-route-map)#exit host1:pe1(config)#ip vrf pe11 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#rd 100:1 host1:pe1(config-vrf)# route-target both 100:1 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#global export map globxmap1 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#exit

    Published: 2014-08-18