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    Example: Configuring a Global Import Map for Specific Routes

    For the third solution you create a global import map to import only the specific routes needed to reach the desired small number of networks in the Internet. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Global Import Map Applied to Routes Imported from VRF BGP RIB

    Global Import Map Applied to Routes Imported

    The global import map enables global BGP routes to be automatically imported into the BGP RIB table in a VRF. The route map determines which routes are imported and which are not. When they are installed in the VRF routing table, the imported routes point to IP interfaces in the parent virtual router.

    To configure a route map and global import map for importing specific routes.

    host1(config)#virtual-router pe1 host1:pe1(config)#prefix-list internet-host permit host1:pe1(config)#route-map globimap1 host1:pe1(config-route-map)#match ip address prefix-list internethost host1:pe1(config-route-map)#exit host1:pe1(config)#ip vrf pe11 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#rd 100:1 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#route-target both 100:1 host1:pe1(config-vrf)#global import map globimap1

    Published: 2014-08-18