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    Example: Domain Name and Realm Name

    This section provides examples of possible domain or realm name results that you might obtain, depending on the commands and options you specify. This example uses the following username:

    username: usEast/

    The router is configured with the following commands:

    host1(config)#aaa delimiter domainName @! host1(config)#aaa delimiter realmName /

    Table 1 shows the username and domain name that result from the parsing action of the various commands.

    Table 1: Username and Domain Name Examples


    Resulting Username

    Resulting Domain Name

    aaa parse-order realm-first


    aaa parse-order domain-first

    aaa parse-direction domainName right-to-left

    aaa parse-direction domainName left-to-right


    aaa parse-direction realmName right-to-left


    aaa parse-direction realmName left-to-right



    Published: 2014-08-20