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    Example: Tiered Service Definition

    The following example shows you how to create a tiered service.


    This example uses the following software and hardware components:

    • JunosE Release 7.1.0 or higher-numbered releases
    • E Series router (ERX7xx models, ERX14xx models, the ERX310 router, the E120 router, or the E320 router)
    • ASIC-based line modules that support Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet

    Also, this example assumes that QoS profile triplePlayIP and QoS parameter maxSubscBW are configured.


    A tiered service typically provides set bandwidths for both inbound and outbound traffic for a subscriber. In this example, the bandwidth values are parameterized.

    Creating a Tiered Service

    Step-by-Step Procedure

    This example illustrates how to create a tiered service:

    Note: Commented text explains the parameterized values in the example of the service definition macro file. Each example is followed by examples of RADIUS information and the CLI command that you can use to activate a subscriber service session.

    !parameterizes input and output bandwidth
    <# tiered(inputBW, outputBW) #>
    <# uid := app.servicemanager.getUniqueId #>
    <# name := "SM-tiered-" $ uid #>
    <# oname := "SM-O-tiered-" $ uid #>
    classifier-list matchAll ip any any
    rate-limit-profile <# name #> one-rate
    	 committed-rate <# inputBW; '\n' #>
    policy-list <# name; '\n' #>
    	 classifier-group matchAll precedence 10000
    		 rate-limit-profile <# name; '\n' #>
    		 traffic-class best-effort
    policy-list <# oname; '\n' #>
    	 classifier-group matchAll precedence 10000
    		 traffic-class best-effort
    profile <# name; '\n' #> 
    	 ip policy secondary-input <# name #> statistics enabled merge
    	 ip policy output <# oname #> statistics enabled merge
    	 qos-profile triplePlayIP
    	 qos-parameter maxSubscBW <# outputBW; '\n' #>
    <# env.setResult("activate-profile", name) #>
    <# env.setResult("secondary-input-stat-clacl", "matchAll") #>
    <# env.setResult("output-stat-clacl", "matchAll") #>
    <# endtmpl #>

    Sample RADIUS Attributes

    Step-by-Step Procedure

    Table 1 provides the sample RADIUS attributes that you can use to activate the tiered service

    Table 1: Sample RADIUS Attributes

    RADIUS Attribute







    tiered(1280000, 5120000)

    Sample CLI Command

    Step-by-Step Procedure

    To activate a subscriber session with the configured tiered service:

    host1(config)#service-management subscriber-session interface atm 4/0.1 service-session “tiered(1280000, 5120000)”

    Published: 2014-08-20