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    Example: Redistributing Static Routes to IS-IS Using a Route Map and an Access List

    This example explains how to use a route map and an access list to redistribute static routes to IS-IS.


    This example uses the following software and hardware components:

    • JunosE Release 7.1.0 or higher-numbered releases
    • E Series router (ERX7xx models, ERX14xx models, the ERX310 router, the E120 router, or the E320 router)
    • ASIC-based line modules that support Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet


    Route maps are used to control and modify routing information and to define conditions for redistributing routes between routing domains. You can apply route maps to inbound, outbound, or redistribution routes. An access list is a sequential collection of permit and deny conditions that you can use to filter inbound or outbound routes.


    Step-by-Step Procedure

    The following example demonstrates about how to use a route map and an access list to redistribute static routes to IS-IS.

    To use a route map and an access list to redistribute static routes to IS-IS:

    1. Configure three static routes.
      host1(config)#ip route host1(config)#ip route host1(config)#ip route
    2. Configure an access list, fltra, that filters routes and
      host1(config)#access-list fltra permit
    3. Configure route map 1 to match access list fltra, and apply an internal metric type.
      host1(config)#route-map 1 host1(config-route-map)#match ip address fltra host1(config-route-map)#set metric-type internal
    4. Configure redistribution into IS-IS of the static routes with route map 1.
      host1(config)#router isis testnet host1(config-router)#redistribute static route-map 1


    To confirm that the configuration is working properly, perform this task:

    Monitoring the Database Details


    Displays the IS-IS database detail to verify the effect of the redistribution (the two static routes matching the route map are redistributed as level 2 internal routes).


    To display the IS-IS database detail:

    host1#show isis database detail l2
    IS-IS Level-2 Link State Database
    LSPID LSP Seq Num LSP Checksum LSP Holdtime ATT/P/OL 
    0000.0000.6666.00-00 0x000002B7   0x3E1F 1198 0/0/0
      Area Address: 47.0005.80FF.F800.0000.0001.0001
      NLPID:       0xcc
      IP Address:
      Metric: 10 IS 0000.0000.6666.01
      Metric: 10 IS 0000.0000.3333.00
      Metric: 10 IS 0000.0000.7777.00 
    Metric: 30 IP
    Metric: 30 IP

    Published: 2014-08-12