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    Retry Attempts for Successful TCP Connection Overview

    The TACACS+ client uses Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to establish a connection with the TACACS+ server. TCP provides a timeout value of 75 seconds. Within the stipulated time, the TCP connection between the TACACS+ client and the TACACS+ server may not be established due to certain conditions, such as network congestion or connectivity failure. If the TACACS+ client fails to establish a TCP connection, the TACACS+ commands are not executed.

    For robust TACACS+ operations, the TACACS+ client can reattempt connection upon connection failure. You can configure the TACACS+ client retry value to establish the TCP connection with the TACACS+ server. The retry is initiated in either of the following two cases:

    • User configuration timeout occurs
    • TCP connection timeout occurs

    Note: The same TACACS+ server is reattempted if TCP connection is not established or the user-configured timer expires.

    The maximum retry attempt for a request is five. By default, the maximum retry value is two.

    Published: 2014-08-13