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    Match Policy Lists Overview

    You can create match policy lists and then reference those lists within route maps. Because match policy lists share the same match clauses with route maps, they function the same way, and you can use the same match commands when you create your match policy lists.

    Note: For descriptions of all route map match clauses, see Configuring Match Clauses and Values for a Route Map.

    As in route maps, the match clauses in match policy lists contain permit and deny statements. When you reference a match policy list within a route map, the route map evaluates and processes each match clause and permits or denies routes on the basis of the match policy list configuration.

    When you configure match policy lists, keep the following in mind:

    • A route map evaluates and processes all match statements within any match policy list that it references.
    • You can configure multiple match policy lists within a route map, and you can evaluate each match policy list by using a logical AND or a logical OR operator.
    • You can reference match policy lists within a route map that also uses separate match and set statements (that is, the statements are not part of the match policy list).
    • All match policy lists within a route map match on the incoming attribute only.

    Published: 2014-08-12