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    Interoperation of Redundancy and Stateful Switchover for Line Modules

    Line module redundancy and stateful line module switchover cannot coexist and are mutually exclusive processes. Only one of the two operations—line module redundancy or stateful line module switchover—can be enabled on a router at a point of time. You cannot configure line modules installed in a redundancy group to operate in HA mode. If a line module is a member of a redundancy group, you cannot configure that line module for stateful switchover using the mode high-availability slot command in Redundancy Configuration mode. Similarly, if a line module is configured for high availability, it cannot be installed in a redundancy group. If you attempt to add a line module configured in a redundancy group to the stateful switchover pair using the mode high-availability slot command, the particular line module is removed from the redundancy group and is added to the high availability pair. High availability configuration for a line module takes precedence over its redundancy group setting.

    Published: 2014-08-12