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    Relationship Among QoS Parameters, Scheduler Profiles, and QoS Profiles

    Figure 1 shows the relationship among the parameter definitions, scheduler profiles, and QoS profiles that QoS administrators create. It also indicates how these profiles control the parameter instances that QoS clients create.

    Figure 1: Relationship of Parameter Definitions, Scheduler Profiles, and QoS Profiles

    Relationship of Parameter Definitions,
Scheduler Profiles, and QoS Profiles

    The following sections describe the steps displayed in Figure 1, based on the tasks that the QoS administrator performs and those the QoS client performs.

    QoS Administrator Tasks

    Before the QoS client can specify settings for subscribers by using the QoS parameters feature:

    1. The QoS administrator defines the attributes that the QoS client can modify by configuring a parameter definition.
    2. The QoS administrator specifies the parameter definition name in a scheduler profile.
    3. The QoS administrator references the scheduler profile in a QoS profile rule.

    QoS Client Tasks

    After the QoS administrator defines parameter definitions:

    1. The QoS client creates a parameter instance and associates it with a logical interface.
    2. The QoS client attaches a QoS profile to the logical interface.

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    Published: 2014-08-11