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    Guidelines for Configuring the Cell Shaping Mode with QoS Parameters

    When you specify the QoS cell mode application, the following considerations apply:

    • You can have only one parameter definition with the QoS cell mode application configured.
    • You must specify a controlled-interface type.
    • You can specify only instance-interface types of atm, atm-vp, atm-vc, ethernet, svlan, and vlan.
    • You can specify only the subscriber-interface type of vlan when you configure Qos cell mode application on its own or with the byte adjustment application. When you configure the QoS cell mode application with the QoS downstream rate application, you must specify a subscriber-interface type. ANCP uses the subscriber-interface type to determine the instance-interface type on which to dynamically create the parameter.
    • You can specify only 0 or 1 as the values for a parameter instance with the QoS cell mode application configured. 0 indicates frame mode, and 1 indicates cell mode. You cannot configure another range for the parameter definition using the range command.

    Published: 2014-08-11