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    PPPoE with Ethernet Modules Configuration Overview

    You can configure PPPoE on Fast Ethernet (FE), Gigabit Ethernet (GE), and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) modules. You can configure Ethernet interfaces with IP only, with PPPoE only, with both IP and PPPoE, and with or without VLANs.

    This topic provides information about configuring PPPoE without VLANs as well as configuring PPPoE with VLANs. You can configure IPv4 and IPv6 interface columns over static PPPoE with VLAN, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Example of Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 over PPPoE

    Example of Configuring IPv4 and
IPv6 over PPPoE

    You can also configure an IP interface over PPPoE without VLAN. Figure 2 illustrates the interface stack for this type of configuration.

    Figure 2: Example of PPPoE Stacking

    Example of PPPoE Stacking

    If you want to configure PPPoE with VLANs, see Configuring VLAN Subinterfaces, which shows common VLAN configurations such as:

    • PPPoE over VLAN
    • IP over VLAN and PPPoE over VLAN

      Note: Configuring VLAN Subinterfaces provides other non-VLAN configuration examples, such as configurations using MPLS.

    For more information about specific Ethernet modules and the protocols and applications they support, see:

    • ERX Module Guide, Appendix A, Module Protocol Support (for ERX7xx models, ERX14xx models, and ERX310 router)
    • E120 and E320 Module Guide, Appendix A, IOA Protocol Support (for E120 and E320 routers)

    PPPoE Interface and Subinterface Limits

    PPPoE subinterfaces can be distributed in any way across I/O module ports. For example, you can configure the maximum supported number of PPPoE subinterfaces on one port of an FE-2 I/O module and no PPPoE subinterfaces on the other port.

    For information about current system maximums supported for PPPoE interfaces and subinterfaces, see JunosE Release Notes, Appendix A, System Maximums.

    Published: 2014-08-14