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    Policy Attachment Sequence at Login Through Service Manager

    During a user login, you can specify policy attachments through Service Manager, RADIUS, and Interface Profile. The order that is used to select the policy attachment source is Service Manager, RADIUS, and Interface Profile.

    For example, if you configure Ingress-Policy-Name VSA for a user in RADIUS and also have a profile with an input policy reference applied to this user's interface column, when the user logs in, the RADIUS VSA is selected as the source for the input policy attachment. If you also have service profiles applied to the user's interface column, the service profiles override both RADIUS VSA and the policy name specified in the interface profile.

    Note: Policy merging is not supported with ascend data filter policies.

    Policy management does not reselect the source if the policy attachment fails for the selected source. If the policy attachment via service profiles fails, policy management does not reselect RADIUS VSA as the next source. This means the interface does not have any input policy attachment.

    Published: 2014-08-14