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    Multicast Traffic Receipt Without Forwarding for IPv6

    In this case, the router is not given the responsibility of forwarding multicast streams. Instead, the service provider arranges for the router to receive the multicast streams so the router can detect the flow and perform QoS adjustment. An outgoing interface (OIF) map is installed that maps the traffic streams to a loopback interface configured for Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) version passive. This means that when the traffic is received, a null mroute is installed (that is, an mroute with an empty OIF list) and the router applies the QoS adjustment to the join interface. See Figure 1.

    Note: Ensure that Protocol Independent Multicast-single mode (PIM-SM) (or any other upstream multicast protocol) is informed of the group (or source-group) interest.

    Figure 1: Multicast Traffic Receipt Without Forwarding

    Multicast Traffic Receipt Without Forwarding

    Published: 2014-08-20