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    MPLS Features

    The following major features are currently supported by MPLS:

    • BFD fast failure detection for RSVP-TE adjacencies
    • Differentiated services
    • Interface support
      • ATM AAL5 (RSVP-TE only)
      • ATM1483 (point-to-point AAL5SNAP only)
      • Ethernet/VLAN
      • GRE
      • Multilink PPP
      • POS (PPP over HDLC)
      • PPP
      • SLEP (Cisco HDLC)
    • Label stacking
      • Virtual Private Networks (VR-based and BGP-based)
      • Layer 2 Services over MPLS
    • LER functionality
    • LSR functionality
    • Spoof checking
    • LDP graceful restart
    • ECMP
    • Topology-driven LSPs (LDP) including support of LDP over RSVP tunnels
    • Traffic engineering (RSVP-TE)
      • Constraint-based explicit routing
      • Statically configured explicit routing
      • Hop-by-hop routing
      • Admission control and bandwidth enforcement
      • Tunnels used by IGP as next hops in SPF calculation
      • Tunnel ingress controlled failure recovery
      • Facility back-up-style fast-route
    • Traffic support
      • Layer 2 frames: ATM, Ethernet, Frame Relay, HDLC, PPP, VLAN
      • Layer 3 datagrams: IPv4, IPv6
    • Point-to-multipoint LSP support
      • Data replication at branch nodes
      • E Series routers as egress LSRs

    Published: 2014-08-18