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    Inheritance of MAC Address Validation State for Dynamic Subscriber Interfaces Overview

    A dynamic IP subscriber interface inherits the MAC address validation state (enabled or disabled) configured for its parent static primary IP interface.

    MAC address validation binds a MAC source address for an interface to a given IP source address. When the IP-MAC binding is established, the router forwards ingress packets on the interface when the packet’s MAC source address and IP source address match, and drops ingress packets when the packet’s MAC source address and IP source address do not match. MAC address validation thereby prevents spoofing on IP-based Ethernet interfaces, and is very useful in subscriber management applications.

    When MAC address validation is enabled on an interface, the router checks the entry in the MAC validation table that corresponds to the IP source address of an incoming packet. The MAC source address of the packet must match the MAC source address of the table entry for the router to forward the packet.

    Published: 2014-08-20