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    Dynamic PPP and PPPoE Interfaces over Static ATM Overview

    E Series routers support dynamic PPP and PPPoE interfaces. The configuration procedure is very similar for each.

    When using the auto-configure command, select only ppp or pppoe. The router automatically builds the necessary interfaces for you. When you indicate pppoe, on receipt of a PPPoE packet, the dynamic interface built is IP over PPP over PPPoE over ATM. Likewise, when you indicate ppp, the dynamic interface built is IP over PPP over ATM.

    Figure 1 shows dynamic PPP interface columns on ATM interfaces.

    Figure 1: Dynamic PPP Interface Columns

    Dynamic PPP Interface Columns

    Figure 2 shows dynamic PPPoE interface columns and illustrates how PPPoE supports multiple IP sessions over each ATM 1483 circuit.

    Figure 2: Dynamic PPPoE Interface Columns

    Dynamic PPPoE Interface Columns

    You can specify either or both ppp and pppoe for the interface by specifying the auto-configure command for each type of interface. The first packet received defines the type of dynamic interface that is created.

    Published: 2014-08-14