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    Dynamic ATM 1483 Subinterface Creation Overview

    After you configure the ATM 1483 base profile and create the range of VCs on the ATM AAL5 interface, you associate these two components by assigning the base profile to the VC range with the profile atm1483 bulk-config-name command.

    As a final step, you must issue the auto-configure atm1483 command. This command configures the ATM AAL5 interface to support autodetection of the ATM 1483 dynamic encapsulation type.

    When the router receives an incoming data packet on a circuit, it dynamically creates the ATM 1483 subinterface, using the attributes specified in the base profile. After examining the contents of the data packet, the router dynamically creates the required interface columns above the ATM 1483 subinterface, using the configuration attributes contained in the nested profiles, if specified, or in the base profile itself.

    Published: 2014-08-14